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Consulting Services

Barton Associates' can provide an in-depth, unbiased, situational analysis and layout of your
painting system needs and requirements, current or pre-design.  We are only concerned with
your throughput of production, quality, plant space available, personnel requirements and
lowest capital investment; never with brand name or unrelated products not specified. 
Our goal is to provide the best possible equipment for the "system designed" painting
system your company requires.

- Impartial and Objective Consulting
- Professional Service from concept, through design and purchase
- Over 40 years of equipment integration experience in the painting systems industry

Barton Associates provides consulting services for all phases of painting systems
design and installation, including:
-Feasibility Studies: assisting in production planning for future or existing requirements
-System Layout: system design and engineering to meet the specific requirements of
your product and finishing
-Expansion or Upgrading: upgrading your existing equipment for increased production
or compliance with fire, environmental or safety regulations

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